hurst super shifter vs competition plus The sites sponser ss396. it's all about the desirability and the rarity. I have heard that the Steeda is a better performance shifter, but I had to have the look of a Hurst. I'm building a 47re for my Dodge 6. To say Linda Vaughn is attention getting is as big an understatement as ever there was. I bought the shifter because it was the kind I wanted and I knew it was going to be discontinued(I paid about the same as a comp plus). 96 $379. The shifter mechanism that was on the truck was made by Hurst and looked just like a Competition Plus shifter without the adjustable stops and had the bayonet attachment for the shifter handle. We provide a variety of Hurst Shifter for your vehicle needs. Hurst Competition plus setup I just got a hurst competition plus shifter for my 67 camaro RS. 96 $199. If the transit time using UPS Ground Shipping will exceed 3 days to your location, we will upgrade the shipping service to UPS 3-Day Select, at no cost to you. Hurst Shifters Online sells restored OEM Hurst Shifters, new Hurst shifters and Shifter Installation Kits, including some out of production items that Hurst manufactures exclusively for us. Nos New Hurst Competition Super Shifter 3 4 Speed Correct Boot Kit Usa. Hurst Competition Plus shifter dis-assembly and cleaning, plus other weird manual shift shifters reviewed. Hurst 3916790 Comp Plus 4 Speed Shifter Kit. Find this Pin and more on B&M GROUP: Flowmaster Exhaust, HURST Shifters, B&M Racing, HDC by Kahn Elana. What is the difference between the Hurst Competition Plus shifter and the Street Super Shifter? While both shifters use the same legendary Hurst mechanism, the Competition Plus uses mounting hardware and an appropriately shaped stick handle to locate the shifter into the vehicle’s stock location or console. Hurst is debuting a Competition/Plus Challenger that gives a nod to the company's most popular shifter of the same name --1 million of which have been sold to date. Designed with years of competition Designed with years of competition proven performance, it is mainly used on external linkage type transmissions. Competition Products provides high performance engine parts, tools, and accessories for the engine enthusiast. The Oldsmobile 4-4-2 (also known as the 442) is a muscle car produced by Oldsmobile between the 1964 and 1980 model years. As you can see from the pictures below, the distance from the transmission selector shaft mount (the oblong hole) to the shifter rod mount (the 1/2" hole) on the stock Hurst shifter arms is around 1-3/4" (center to center) for the 1st & 2nd, and the 3rd & 4th arms. Engineered to your installation needs using CNC-manufactured, aircraft quality aluminum mount and shift rods with spherical rod ends. Hurst Competition Plus 4-Speed Shifter with Shift Knob for 1965-1973 Mustangs with a 4-Speed Manual Transmission. Install a Mustang shifter or shift knob in your car for more accurate and quicker shifts. Shipping is free via UPS Ground or 3-Day Select for orders of $25 or more (excludes transmissions). New Listing 1957-62 Chevy Corvette Hurst Competition Plus Shifter factory Hurst shifter 1974-81 Camaro Mopar B-body Hurst ramrod super shifter Roadrunner These Hurst Competition Plus Shifter installation kits are designed to go with each of the shifters available for a specific application. Shift travel is reduced by 40 percent for quicker shifts urethane mount bushings eliminate rail flex-direct. HURST Competition Plus Shifter assembly modified and offset (One Off) Custom One Off Billet Shifter level with Custom Black HURST Ball and Gear vendors switch Gear vendors Overdrive unit attached to the Toploader has a 1200hp rating Hurst 7302 Pit Pack Competition Plus 4 Speed Clips And Steel Bushings 7 Per Set. Hurst Competition/Plus Shifter vs. /r/Cars is one of the largest online automotive enthusiast communities. The proper Hurst Competition Plus system for a 1966-1967 Saginaw is shifter #3917307 and installation kit #3734297. . This Hurst Billet Plus shifter for 1997-2004 Corvette with a Borg Warner T-56, features a CNC machined billet aluminum base, adjustable positive gear stops to help prevent internal transmission damage, and a high strength steel stick. Hurst Ramrod Super Shifter Linkage Rods Camaro Firebird Nova Muncie T10 4-speed - $110. This product has receive so many positive review among users and if you looking for a hiqh quality products, consider to try Hurst 3910201 Competition/Plus Manual Shifter. Previously posted that I need a new stick because I have to reach too far for 1 and 3. Hurst 7302 Pit Pack Competition Plus 4 Speed Clips And Steel Bushings 7 Per Set $13. 99 Shifter Conversion, Powerglide 2004-R/700r-4 SAVE $19. Short and super-precise shifting travel, exclusively H-pattern. A heavy duty suspension brakes, four-speed manual transmission with Hurst Competition Plus shifter, and redline wide oval tires came standard. This Hurst Chrome Billet Plus Shifter is designed for the t5/t45 transmissions in the early 2001 models and earlier. Hurst makes another shifter, the “Street Super Shifter”, which uses straight rods and does not fit any console. We offer a variety of Mopar B Body 4 Speed for your automotive needs. 625” in length. Paul Cangialosi shows you how a Muncie side cover mechanism works and installs a new Hurst Shifter on a Muncie 4 Speed. Will include custom white handle and injected molded top plate with a chrome plated steel flat stick. See more now look at the 391-7535, look at the "Shifter Only" number 391-5401 and compare to all the other numbers showing the 5401 and get the shifter assy number, compare that to the application page. 00 Read More Hurst Comp Plus 4 Speed Shifter Shift Rod Set 3 Rods 1965-70 Chevy Impala Muncie - $89. Shop with confidence. The Hurst Pro-Matic 2 Ratchet Action Shifter is quality engineered for years of precise, trouble-free operation. Need shifter options vs. While both shifters use the same legendary Hurst mechanism, the Competition Plus uses mounting hardware and an appropriately shaped stick handle to locate the shifter into the vehicle's stock location or console. Norm’s Signature Shift Knob also fits the new Mr. CHEVY HEI DIST. My competition plus Hurst shifter rattles (rather loudly) when I supply a 'good' quantity of torque to the transmission (a 'new' AGR 'Muncie' 4 speed with wide ratio 'm22' type gears). Hurst Competition - $65. From over 200 candidates, Hurst wisely chose the incomparable Linda Vaughn. As I am the owner of both a z28 camaro and a mustang cobra, I love seeing split competition. And if my memory serves me correctly, it has a shorter throw. It is a pleasure to drive this example of their creations. That's Discussion of the 2015+ Mustang Drivetrain and modification to it. New for 1968 was a bargain-basement Super Bee based on the Coronet 440 coupe. It will give the stock appearance but work like a Hurst shifter. CAE Ultra Shifter - Optimized for motor sports with the following features: Universal kit for vehicles with 6 speed manual transmissions, standard H-pattern or Dog Leg. The second H/O traded Peruvian Silver for Cameo White with dramatic Firefrost Gold stripes, this time embellished with black rather than white pinstripes. $299. Please measure the threads on your shifter prior to ordering. Based on the racing version of the legendary Super Shifter 3, the Hurst Street Super/Shifter brings many of the same quality features to a new level of performance. The Road Runner made do with a cheaper Inland setup, which did not garner favorable reviews. With the maeco rods you use the Hurst comp plus mounting plate for 65-66 mustang and you dont have to trim the shifter hole. If your buying new I'd buy one with stops, JMOP. The low price didn't mean low profile, and the Super Bee had Bumble Bee racing strips circling the tail, and a big Super Bee emblem hovering on the rear fenders. ): transmission tunnel seal, 1963 SS 4-speed shifter boot, transmission pilot bearing, release fork boot, transmission mount, firewall/steering column seal, Hurst Competition Plus Shifter, 1963 SS-style shifter handle to fit the Hurst shifter, and the 4-speed I am having a bit of trouble with my factory ITM shifter. Search Results for Hurst T Parts. The Competition/Plus Challenger Hurst Street Super Shifters are based on the racing version of the legendary Super Shifter. Hurst 3910201 Competition/Plus Manual Shifter. Toploader 4 Speed with Hurst Competition Plus Shifter & T Handle To complete the installation and make sure it looked original and factory-like, a reproduced shifter boot with trim ring is also required. Includes 3/8 -16 Adapter and 3/8 -16 Jamb Nut to fit most Hurst Competition Plus Shifters The Mr. Hurst V Gate 4sp Inline Race Shifter And Linkage Bracket Mopar B Body Charger A833 For Sale Online. 00. This Billet Shifter from Hurst is designed to replace your factory shifter, this will reduce shift throws by 30% allowing for crisp, quicker shifts. Hurst Competition Plus shifters designed for earlier transmissions usually do not fit on these gearboxes. The shifter I have found that fits without sticking too far above the floor pan is a Hurst shifter body 391-7308 and a installation kit # 373-3163 for the shifter body . It has the bayonet style removable shifter handle which I believe means it was originally installed on a factory built vehicle, and it is therefore not an aftermarket shifter. In case of an explosion, the clutch assembly was enclosed in a Lakewood scattershield. I know it hasn't been apart in more than 20 years since I've been using it more than that long. Hurst Installation Kit Competition Plus 65 Buick Gran and Skylark #3733163. The competition plus is a much better shifter for mounting location, stops for the shifter as Don noted, and it shifts really nice. The base is anodized aluminum with internal seals to help keep the transmission fluid in and the elements out. While both shifters use the same legendary Hurst mechanism, the Competition Plus uses mounting hardware and an appropriately shaped stick handle to locate the shifter into the vehicle’s stock location or console. Hurst Competition Plus Short Throw Shifter Mustang GT (05-09) Mustang GT Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter Steeda (05-09) Mustang GT Sport Shifter Steeda (05-09) I used a comp plus shifter with a stick handle # 7236 from a Hurst master shift 3spd for my 4 spd SS and same handle works for bench seat cars as well. The form below allows you to search for car, truck, motorcycle or boat parts in real time. Optional Hurst Super Boot & plate part number 114 7494 recommended for competition plus four-speed, super shifter 3, and the master shift The Super Shifter looks very similar to a Competition Plus, but it has adjustable stops, and a lock out for reverse. the original Muncie shifter . 95 The Super Bee used dash cluster from the Dodge Charger, while the 4-speed manual transmission cars received a Hurst Competition-Plus shifter with Hurst linkage; this shifter compared to the Road Runner's less expensive Inland shifter and linkage. Shift knobs can be purchased as an add-on above. Get the Hurst Competition Plus Shifter installation kit you need to complete your shifter installation. Using the T-10 design, the two speed has only two forward gears and reverse, making for less rotating weight, which equals more horsepower. Plus I have heard that the hurst shifter is a POS. $125. Search Results for Toploader Shifter Parts. Hurst competition plus shifter for 68 442??? - ClassicOldsmobile. 00 Hurst Super Shifter 3 W Lightning Rods Toploader 4-speed 432,433 Ford Trans. I also need some help, with a competition plus Hurst shifter. Norm’s Super ’Cuda. Hurst Pro-Matic shifters can be used with standard or reverse pattern valve bodies. I really like the Bullitt shifter but have also heard good things about the MGW. For best results, please be specific and be patient. performance built muncie m22 rock crusher 4 speed transmission. THE 1969 HURST OLDS. Ford shifters went with a radical change in 1969, both 3 and 4 speed, the 4 speed box would be short lived- with Ford going to Hurst 4 speed shifters in 1970. WooHoo! You subscribed successfully. (Note: Shifter and linkage are not technically correct for restoration purposes). Early (64-68) side plate. The throw is short and firm, and you can't beat the look of a Hurst Shifter with a white ball shift knob. Mustang Shifters & Mustang Shift Knobs. Although the competition doesn't fit the style of the fox in my opinion, it's a pretty comfortable shifter and I really don't notice the extra length that much. Certified 4340 aircraft quality steel and are fully CNC machined on the newest generation of equipment to insure the removal of all surface imperfections. Any Hurst "Competition Plus" or "Street Super Shifter" complete with installation kit for a toploader or a Borg-Warner T-10 transmission Thunderbird shifter with T-5 transmission $280. Hurst bolt on shifter sticks are ideal for use in custom applications where a The video refers to the original price of this shifter, which was $450 and included and shift knob & jam nut. You can ask me questions about the product and the same product is delivered. Hurst Shifter. Pontiac discovered the Hurst shifter. If you are interested in that shifter PM me your email address and I can get you a bunch of pictures. Available - Hurst 3910201 Competition/Plus Manual Shifter for your favorite. Exhaust: Hooker Competition headers, custom 3–inch stainless steel exhaust, Black Widow Venom-series mufflers Transmission: TKO 600 transmission , McLeod RST Street Twin clutch , QuickTime bellhousing , Hurst Competition/Plus shifter The ultimate drag race shifter. It mounted the shifter much higher on the transmission than the Competition Plus bracket does, in order to accomodate the straight shift rods. Early Hurst Competition Plus 1966 Shifter Long Handle Truck Hot Rod Rat . A Hurst competition plus shifter. the Comp Plus shifter is the exact same shifter as the Street Super, the 391-5401 is the same as 391-0027, 391-6848, 391-7307, 391-7535 and 391-8794 Hurst 4 Speed Super Shifter 3 Iii, Shifter . Vehicle Application Chart for Hurst Comp / Plus 4 Speed Shifters & Install Kits Hurst Shifter Installation Instructions Downloads Why Choose Us to Rebuild Your Hurst Shifter Hurst Competition Plus Shifter - Stamped "2-6-A-1" The shifter is stamped "2-6-A-1". • American 4340 Certified Aircraft Quality Steel • American Multi-Phase Heat-Treating X-beam design for ultimate in strength and durability. Equipped with a standard Hurst-Campbell “Competition-Plus” shifter and four fully synchronized forward speeds, it is built in Chrysler’s Syracuse (New York) New Process Gear plant. The Hurst Competition Plus is a bolt in. For over 60 Years, Hurst has been the industry leader and the standard for performance manual shifters. Buy with confidence at Drag Racing Wheels for the best customer service and deals on Hurst Installation Kit Competition Plus 65 Buick Gran and Skylark #3733163. Hurst Manual Short Shifter Competition Plus 05-10 Mustang GT #3910201 Buy with confidence at Drag Racing Wheels for the best customer service and deals on Hurst Manual Short Shifter Competition Plus 05-10 Mustang GT #3910201. And the overall length of the transmission and adapter is 17. Pic #1 looks like a mounting bracket for a Hurst Super Shifter. Full Size Chevy Muncie 4-speed Installation Kit, Hurst Competition Plus, 69-70 Nova . Paul says Hurst's reputation is one of the reasons why he chose a Competition Plus shifter for his Pony. Showcasing our full selection of hurst linkage rods firewall in stock today on the internet. 04 Hurst Chrome Short Shifter Stick And Knob 2004 2005 2006 Gto + Monaro And Commodore The mystic of York US 30 Dragway continues some 34 years since the sound of roaring engines and long smokey burnouts were commonplace at this world famous track located at the York Airport in Thomasville, Pennsylvania. Find Shifter for sale here! The HINSON GTO Short Throw Shifter was designed with no internal centering springs, so you will never have to worry about missing gears due to wear. A new shift knob attaches to the Mustang shifter and adds some style to your Mustang interior, plus can give you a much more comfortable way to shift your Mustang. The fresh build includes a performance Cam, forged pop up pistons, Eaton SS valves, crankshaft, and high rise Edlebrock aluminum intake. He can use either a factory shifter (not recommened for hard shifting) or a Hurst Competition Plus which will work in the same floorshift hole, even with a factory console. Hurst Quarter Stick 2 shifters feature controlled detent activation, one-hand operated spring-loaded reverse lockout, and a neutral safety switch. America produced its best-ever race driv­ers and a few awesome race machines. They are vehicle, transmission, and shifter-specific. Disc Sanders For Sale Ac Band Saw, Bench Sander, Air Sander, Disk Sander, Belt Sander, Belt Disc Sander, Wood Lathe, Delta Rockwell, Powermatic, oscillating sanders. t 10 $989. The industry standard for over 30 years, this shifter offers state of the art transmission control for popular 4, 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions. We have revived the obsolete Hurst Competition Plus shifter for the 70-71 big block Mustang, 64-65 Falcon and Comet, 64-65 Fairlane, Sunbeam Tiger, Griffith, TVR, Cobra and Cobra Kit car, pickup truck conversion shifters and also 79 and up Mustang and Capri toploader conversion shifters. 99 The information provided on this page is to be used as a general guide. The Road Runner simply used a less costly Inland design, but it went to the Hurst equipment in the middle of the model year. Other versions of this shifter are available (see my other listings):Black stick for stock knobs - $70 lessTapered stainless stick w/ Hurst knob - 1" lower knob, dust seal, & more - $50 lessHurst HardDrive pistol grip stick - $20 more This shifter is NOT related to Hurst Billet Plus Corvette shifters. Standard competition-plus shifters used two bolts, but Rambler used a rubber lined rectangular hole with a thin spring-steel locking spring. 654) it and I switched it to the super shifter III. Hurst Overview thread from TC The key is that even though they look alike you CAN NOT mix and match the rids and levers without risking dropped shifts. I have a Hurst Competition Plus in my 68. Turn your factory console into a ratcheting beast with our Horseshoe Shifter for factory consoles. B&M Shifters, Competition Plus 4-Speed Muncie SAVE $37. Note the shift arms are held in place by a stud/nut arrangement. Convert from a 3-Window Cab to 5 Windows, Part 2 Convert from a 3-Window Cab to 5 Windows, Part 3 Repower a Chevy SS 454 With Heads, Cam & EFI Part 1 Repower a Chevy SS 454 With Heads, Cam & EFI Part 2 Lift A Toyota Tundra With A 6" Skyjacker Kit Part 1 Lift A Toyota Tundra With A 6" Skyjacker Kit He went with a rebuilt Hurst Competition Plus shifter in about 2007 and was much happier. 125”. I called Hurst(after the buying the shifter of course) and was told that the linkage for the street super shifter will not work at all with a super shifter 3. org. The Hurst Super This Mega shifter is similar in concept and “feel” to a Hurst shifter, but offers superior quality and durability due to more advanced design concepts, material enhancements, and manufacturing tolerances. Hurst Shifters have a vast number of installation kits for just about every side-mounted 3- and 4-speed shifter. Norm pulled the cover off two new Challengers, one converted into a blown 900hp Mr. ABS plastic with 3M adhesive tape backing. 69-70 Nova Chevy Ii Muncie 4 Speed Trans Fits Hurst Shifter Linkage Kit 3737131 Hurst 4 . The factory Hurst shifter was similar to the over-the-counter Hurst Competition-Plus model, but differed in the following ways: Slip-in "bayonet" style round handle (stamped 5325) instead of bolt-on square handle. Why? A solid rep and "because it's the best-looking," says Paul. With a Hurst Super Shifter or a Hurst Ram Rod Shifter you may need to "expand" the tunnel in the shifter area. Dozens of shifts knobs are available for factory and aftermarket Mustang shifters and are available with dozens of different options. We are Reddit's central hub for vehicle-related discussion, industry news, reviews, projects, videos, DIY guides, art, advice, stories, and more. 0 out of 5 stars - Hurst Manual Shifter Competition Plus Chrome Handle Tremec 3650 Ford Mustang Miss Hurst Linda Vaughn Hurst Chrysler 300. Mopar Hurst Shifter. Here's a shot of the completed console. A stick with a slight curve back, such as the Competition Plus line, would probably put it in better reach range. hurst shifters rock crusher ergotech. What i need is a shift kit that moves the shifter to the top of the transmission instead of it being mounted on the rt side 1971 Hurst Super Shifter Advertising Hot Rod Magazine July 1971 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Find this Pin and more on Hurst Shifters by Cameron Weaver. They are designed to remove any slop between the components, and make shifts more I have the Hurst Competition Plus shifter in my 86 and I love it. The Most Power and Best Performance: The Inter-cooled ProCharger system for LS1-powered 2004 GTO’s produces a 525+ Horse Power on stock motors running pump gas and over 600+ Horse Power on LS2 Equipped GTO's with 7 psi of inter-cooled boost. Competition Plus Shifter Installation Kits - Hurst Complete Shifter Packages - Hurst Lokar 94 Z28, k&n cold air, 52mm, lt4 knock module,march under drive pullys, slp headers, borla exhaust, hurst pro-plus shifter, auburn-torsion posi unit 4. The only real difference between a modern Hurst and most modern shifters and the old Comp Plus is that the old style shifter has a cast aluminum base, vs the machined from solid steel or billet aluminum shifters. Even in 1989, it was the largest, strongest, and heaviest four-gear passenger car transmission ever built in America. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Mopar Hurst Shifter for your car or truck. Shown above are both 3 and 4 speed 69 boxes. Trying to decide which after market shifter to buy. Ooop! The email you entered isn't valid. The Hurst Competition Plus shifter has 2 "shift throw stops" in the shifter,,, one in the front for 1'st, 3'rd and reverse,,, and one in the back for 2'nd and 4'th. I currently have the Hurst (my 2007 GT came with it) and after a few months of trying to be open minded decided that I really don't like it. Oldsmobile and Hurst Performance built some great cars together. 95 Find great deals on eBay for hurst shifter t5. No, I have never tried a super shifter, but I love my competition plus shifter with case stops that is currently in my car. Hurst Competition/Plus shifters have been the industry standard for over 30 years. 1956-62 Corvette Used Hurst Competition Plus Manual 4 Spd Shifter Nova Chevelle. The 350ci V8 Rocket comes with 180hp. Dedicated applications ensure a custom fit on a wide variety of vehicles with factory consoles without any floor pan modifications. 2011 - 2014 Ford Mustang Shifters - Hurst Competition Plus Shifter 3916039 1968 - 1981 GMC C/K Pickup Shifters - B&M TH400 Kickdown Switch 20297 2003 - 2008 Infiniti G35 Shifters - B&M Short Shifter 45163 Buy Chevy 4 Speed Hurst Shifter now. Hurst Super Shifter Reverse Lock Out Universal 4 Speed Restored . No matter what you're driving, we have the right Hurst Stick for your vehicle Speed Dawg shift knobs are made in the USA to the highest performance quality standards. You might want to look at it. The interior of the Super Bee borrowed the race car–inspired and more sophisticated gauge and speedometer dash cluster from the Dodge Charger while the four-speed cars received an actual Hurst Competition-Plus shifter with Hurst linkage, compared to the budget-minded Road Runner's less expensive Inland shifter and linkage. com lists a Hurst competition plus shifter and linkage but with the factory Muncie lever. 04. See Price 1968 1969 1970 Charger Road-runner Super-bee Coronet Rt 4 Speed A-833 Z-bar. Browse Ss Hurst Shifter available here! Not sure if I need to rebuild or adjust my Hurst shifter. com Buy Your Mustang Hurst Shifter Competition Plus With Knob 4-Speed 1965-1973 from CJ Pony Parts, one of the industry leaders for Mustang Parts and Accessories. Hurst Street Super Shifter 4 Speed Kit Chevy Gm Muncie Super T10 Richmond T10 Hurst 4 Speed Competition Plus Shifter Mechanism 3915403 Many Chevy Gm Fitments The shifter mechanism Dave pointed out doesn't have shifter stops if that matters to you. But, I don't think this is the same Hurst that was used back in the day in the new F's. Jay - Here is a good write up on the differences of the Factory OEM Hurst shifter unit and its over the counter cousin Hurst Competition Plus. You cannot think about replacing your transmission's shifter without thinking Hurst first. If anyone thought the first Hurst Olds wasn’t conspicuous enough, the 1969 model comprehensively solved that problem. The Charger offered the same powerplants, although the Charger had an initial edge over the Plymouth in the form of a Hurst Competition Plus shifter and linkage. The shifter is a Hurst and resembles a Competition PLUS with a grease fitting. hurst super shifter 4 speed for ford top loader transmission . 2018 Panini . Millions of competition shifts have been made with Hurst shifters, from drag strips to circle tracks to the street, Hurst dominates them all. Linda Vaughn, the legendary “Miss Hurst Golden Shifter” Linda Vaughn, the lovely, leggy, legend of the auto racing scene from the 60’s through the early 80’s was better known as– Miss Hurst Golden Shifter. Introduced as an option package for US-sold F-85 and Cutlass models, it became a model in its own right from 1968 to 1971, spawned the Hurst/Olds in 1968, then reverted to an option through the mid-1970s. The shifter was a T handle competition-plus Hurst, but the shifter mounted in an unusual way. Other necessary parts that were purchased for the swap are as follows (See photo #5. Hurst 3916790 Comp Plus 4 Speed manual Shifter. My shifters are the "Supershifter2" that eventually become know as the "Speedway Supershifter" that has a reverse gate lockout. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Hurst Shifter for your car or truck. The Super Bee used dash cluster from the Dodge Charger, while the 4-speed manual transmission cars received a Hurst Competition-Plus shifter with Hurst linkage; this shifter compared to the Road Runner's less expensive Inland shifter and linkage. $13. Just thought I would ask you guys about this. Chevy Camaro Standard Transmission with Borg Warner Transmission / with Richmond Transmission 1975, Competition Plus™ Installation Kit by Hurst Shifters®. 67 1960s 8 Chrome This H-pattern shifter is an oval track/road race Jerico/Hurst shifter, designed by and manufactured exclusively for Jerico. "No Flames" Later, 92' LX -Big brakes, Lots and lots of suspension, GT40X heads, Ported cobra intake, stock cam, Vortech SC trim. 95. The Hurst Competition Plus shifter has a new home. A friend of mine just got a 1997 Camaro M6 with full exhaust, a larger tb, KandN Fpik, and a hurst short throw shifter, and I think a tune for the exhaust. Competitive prices for shifter. It's the "Hurst Competition Plus" shifter, and I can say that it is an EXCELLENT improvement over the Inland. The Super Bee also came better equipped, with the more upscale Charger’s gauge cluster and a Hurst Competition Plus shifter and linkage. All the hurst pieces are readily ss hurst shifter in stock and ready to ship today. I am putting a 70 M20 behind a 70 LS6 454, and while I had initially wanted to go with Muncie shifter, I too have decided to go with a rebuilt Competion Plus. Hurst became a major player in the hot rodding community when Pontiac selected a four-speed Hurst shifter for its 1961 Catalina with the 421 Super Duty engine. Searching for Hurst Stick online? Locate Hurst Stick on sale right here with the largest option of Hurst Stick anywhere online. Hurst Competition Plus Super Shifter (aftermarket). Dedicated applications assure a custom fit to a wide variety of vehicles having factory consoles without any floor pan modifications. Pictured above is the famous Competition/Plus™ shifter. Some are and some aren't. Corvette C3 Manual Transmission Shifters & Shifter Hardware 1968-1981 From Mid America Motorworks 5. The large boot to cover the hole in the floor is from a T56-equipped 4th-generation F-body. A Hurst Competition/Plus short-throw shifter with gold-anodized T-handle completes the package. Several versions of the Hurst Competition Plus shifter use a universal shifter mounting plate that locates to the tailhousing by use of a muffler "C" clamp on the tail housing seal area and the two bolts on the transmission mount pad. Alignment basics are discussed as well as falling out of gear. Most customers wanted to use their own shift knobs, so we dropped the price to $405. 99 B&M Hurst Roll/Control Kit SAVE $12. Hurst : 391-5032 : Shifter - Manual - Billet/Plus - Supplied with Black Aluminum Stick with Black Knob $285. 96 $124. inmuncie m rock crusher parts cme oceandayschool. Hurst offers a wide variety of shifters, shift knobs, and accessories for daily drivers, dedicated racers, and more, so no matter what you drive—manual or automatic—Hurst has a precision-engineered shifter that’ll boost the performance of your vehicle with just a flick of the wrist! Shipping is free via UPS Ground or 3-Day Select for orders of $25 or more (excludes transmissions). Find firebird competition lowering online! Highlighting lots of Firebird Competition Lowering available for sale online. Hurst proudly maintains a wide variety of exceptional shifter products for the performance enthusiast including automatic shifters, legendary Hurst manual shifters, Hurst shifter knobs, and shifter handles. There were no fit issues regarding the console. The transmission I used had a Hurst Competition Plus shifter, useable with or without a console. The starter will be different as the manual starter has a different mounting flange than the automatic. Its carefully constructed design promotes a positive feel with gear-grabbing precision. The shifter bolt pattern does not allow early linkage mounting plates to bolt to it. the car currently has a powerglide in it but I pretty much have all the parts to conver it to a 4 speed. 10 gears, ed wright super chips & custom computer. That's a Hurst Super Shifter 3, a very nice shifter and probably a better choice if you street/strip your car quite a bit. 3917438 Hurst Competition Plus 4 Speed Shifters - Fits console applications! Legendary Hurst quality shifter fits the factory console or floor tunnel opening just like original. Does anyone have the process and procedure for refubishing a 1968 Hurst Competition/Plus Shifter (4 speed) that came in the 1969 AMX? The Hurst Competition Plus shifter improved on all previous designs, and it’s still one of the best aftermarket shifters. $295. I used this shifter with a handle off an old 3 speed shifter. It binds in Reverse and locks the tranny up. On the Top Loader, you can use a Hurst Competition Plus, or even a Hurst Super Street or Long shifter if the transmission tunnel will give up the room. Hurst Ram Rod V-gate Inline 4-speed Shifter W Lightning Rods, Muncie, Sup. The deal was a great achievement for Hurst-Campbell; Detroit in those days tended to ignore or disdain the aftermarket. The interior of the Super Bee borrowed the racecar-inspired and more sophisticated gauge and speedometer dash cluster from the Dodge Charger while the 4 speed cars received an actual Hurst Competition-Plus shifter with Hurst linkage, compared to the budget-minded Road Runner's inferior Inland shifter and linkage. This bad to the bone Camaro has the famous 454 BIG BLOCK v8 with a Muncie M21 4 speed with HURST Competition plus Shifter. Mopar B Body 4 Speed. $425. 1968-72 Chevelle Hurst Competition Plus Shifter 4 Speed Restored . The gear is a “streetable” 308. 7l. Norm’s Super Challenger, and the other a Mr. Competition 4 3917960 Parts To Own Speed Your Shifter Hurst Kit New Build Plus Shifter Your Parts Kit To Competition 3917960 Speed Build Hurst New 4 Plus Own $297. This Hurst Billet Competition Plus Short Throw Shifter is designed to fit all 2005-2010 GT Mustangs. Adapter material is 356 T-6 heat treated aluminum alloy and the adapter has a provision for a transmission mount. Vintage Hurst Competition Plus 4 Speed Shifter For A833 New Process Od. This shifter is unique to 1969 and not in a good way, history suggests it was plagued with problems which explains why it was abandoned in 1970 in favour of a Hurst built unit. In addition to the Speed Dawg line of shifter knobs we offer Mopar, Ford, GM and HURST officially licensed gearshift knobs. Today Sale Hurst 3910201 Competition/Plus Manual Shifter with lowest price and big discount. It was dirty. Hurst V. Hurst Shifters. It's also a 2083 with a 442496 numbers, and 2051, 2182, and 3405 marks on the small arms. if using a hurst super shifter on a muncie there is only one shifter and one installation kit. The SVO shifter is the same as a Hurst Competition Plus, except it doesn't have the positive stops. If you are looking to help out your Muncie four-speed, the Hurst Competition-Plus shifter is the way to go. I recently purchased a hurst competition shifter to replace my hurst billet plus short throw. The 1963 T10 Borg Warner Hurst mechanism reverse lever is #2041, and the early 1964-65 A & B-body Hurst mechanisms both use #2336 reverse levers, which is stamped on the right side instead of the left. Ford Mustang Shifters. co. Product Features competition plus four-speed, super shifter 3, and the master shift So we’re back out on the street in our 07 GT with the Hurst Billet competition plus shifter installed, and my initial reaction is a good one, the shifter feels great, the throws are nice and short, and nice and crisp as well, which I love, I mean some people might call it notchy, I really dig it. The information provided on this page is to be used as a general guide. If you’re dealing with more than 600 hp Varying types of Mopar Hurst Shifter on sale today! Buy Mopar Hurst Shifter now. If you send your Ford shifter to Bill Heely, you'll stop wishing you had a Hurst. Camshafts, crankshafts, blocks, engines, pistons Cjponyparts. Indy Shifter Comparison New Product: Classic Hurst Shift Knob for 2015+ Mustangs with 6-speed Manual Trans Circle D Torque Converters On Sale Today The 1968 model came in a coupe body style only and was basically equipped with an automatic or you could have chosen the Mopar A-833 four speed or a floor mounted four speed with a Hurst Competition-plus shift stick and Hurst linkage. We offer a variety of Hurst Stick for your automotive needs. It is actually big enough for a 12" clutch. What is the difference between the Hurst Competition Plus shifter and the Street Super Shifter? While both shifters use the same legendary Hurst mechanism, the Competition Plus uses mounting hardware and an appropriately shaped stick handle to locate the shifter into the vehicle’s stock location or console. 00 The Hurst Competition Plus shifter kit includes nylon bushings that fit between the shift-fork arms and linkages. Really wanting to put a manual VB in it with a rachet shifter (Or something along those lines) in it. “The Billet Plus shifter is a stronger unit when compared to the Competition Plus shifter, since the billet aluminum virtually eliminates any potential flex of the shift carrier and pivot housing,” he explained. In the looks department, the forged-aluminum wheels will compliment a traditional Hurst white-on 75% of all our shift knobs come standard with a 16mm x 1. The bell housing has that un-usual bolt pattern for the trans. 5-8 here. To replace Flannery, Hurst held a competition to find the next Miss Hurst Golden Shifter. Ok! You're unsubscribed. I thought it was an Super T-10 the speedometer cable is on the passengers side. The Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme is a mid floor-mounted four-speed manual with Hurst shifter or a ushered in the down-sized cars into NASCAR cup competition. Thread sizes may vary depending on make and model of vehicle. 99: Hurst : 391-5035 : Shifter - Manual - Billet/Plus - Supplied with Black Steel Stick without Knob - Threaded For Factory Knob - Tremec 3650 At 2008 SEMA, Mr. I doubt it will fit with console/dog-leg shift lever/hole in floor. Fran Blacker , May 24, 2018 Find great deals on eBay for saginaw shifter. Below the 69 4 speed box by itself, all shift boxes were the same as far as I have seen for 69- no difference in big or small block. I don't know why some came with the Inland, and some with a Hurst, or if it had something to do with being an R/T, RR, or Super Coupe. What is the difference between the Hurst Competition Plus shifter and the Street Super Shifter? A. No matter what you're driving, we have the right Mopar B Body 4 Speed for your vehicle Hurst Comp/Plus Short Throw Shifter The Hurst Comp/Plus Shifter is engineered and designed to allow for more positive and precise gear changes. 5 master insert that will receive our threaded reducers to accomodate all vehicle shifter sizes. The 2004 GT uses a TR-3650, and the correct Hurst Billet Plus Shifter, would be Item 24302. $1,599. What you have appears to be the "Super Shifter" line from Hurst and the stick is completely vertical, hence the long reach for us vertically challenged people. Same as Competition Plus but with straight linkage and extra tall adapter plate for Muncie or ST-10. Includes Rod numbers # 6818 Reverse ,1-2 rod # 2920 and 3-4 rod # 4769 Includes shift arm numbers 7825 reverse rod ,5286 for 1-2 rod and 2656 for 3-4 Locate hurst linkage rods firewall in stock and ready to ship today on the internet. The industry standard for over 30 years, these Hurst Competition/Plus shifters offer state-of-the-art control for popular 4, 5, and 6-speed manual transmissions. Hurst An American Icon since 1958. Hurst 4 Speed Super Shifter 3 Iii, Shifter . Anyhow, Bill who is "the man" when it comes to Ford shifters, quickly sent me the kit upon purchase via his eBay store and also invited me to call him up to discuss the The Borg Warner Super T-10 adapter to Jeep Dana 300 is 7. It included the 383-cid, 335-hp V-8, a heavy-duty four-speed with a Hurst “Competition-Plus” shifter, dual exhausts, F40 x 14 tires and a heavy-duty suspension at a low package price. All SS/AMXs had four-speed Borg Warner Super T10 manual transmissions hooked to a Hurst Competition Plus shifter with reverse lockout. The shifter had a reverse lockout linkage that connected to the steering column and operated the mechanism inside the column for the backup switch and also locks the steering wheel when the car is Hurst 3915403 Competition / Plus Manual Shifter Race track proven design and dependability. Check out these great pics of Miss Hurst Golden Shifter, Linda Vaughn. 00 Featuring a Wide Selection of Car Parts for All Makes and Models. The TwisterShifter is a single pole, horizontal gated shifter with a super strong return spring. If your street only with the very occasional strip, the Comp Plus is probably the way to go and RealMongo is right, make sure you get the correct install kit. Hurst Competition Plus Muncie 4 speed shifter installation kit # 373-6819 For Factory GM shifters with or without console, not the Hurst Super Street that fits all with pretty much straight rods. Norm’s Classic Chrome Shifter for 2009 – 2015 Challengers with six speed manual transmission Plus, let's face it, 5,000-plus RPM torque peaks in 4,000-pound street cars don't exactly reinforce Pontiac's reputation at the stoplights; such high revs were rarely seen during the daily commute, when redline shifts were few and far between. Hurst Super . The Pro-Matic 2 gives a custom appearance to any vehicle and is ideal for street or strip performance. Including, the transmission, clutch, shifter, driveshaft, differential, gears, axles, etc. I did shorten the chrome under the boot about 3" though. The shifter moves and it seems like it goes into first gear but the engine stalls because I think the tranny tries to go forward and backward at the same time. The Hurst 4-speed shifter earned a gigantic reputation by completely changing the way manual floor shifters performed. Hurst, Estes, and Knudsen struck a deal to use a Hurst linkage and shifter in Pontiac’s new limited-production Super Duty Catalina. Car and Driver invented the comparison test. I also have a Hurst Competition Plus that came out of a '48 Ford pickup with the top loader I have. Hurst Comp Plus 4 Speed Shifter Master Rebuild Kit Replace Internal Wear Parts Just having searched a little more, it looks like they are slightly different, mainly in where the lever is positioned on top of the shifter to bolt the handle onto, so I just need to find one that will work in my app, but you can buy just the shifter itself from Hurst, and they are around $150-170 on Summit. This is a great chance to bid for this amazing hurst shifter for sale . To shift into reverse, you push down on the shifter to access the reverse gate. The Super T-10 Plus Two Speed is designed for either dirt or asphalt racing where the rules stipulate an OEM transmission with an external clutch. This "Hurst Equipped" emblem is an authentic reproduction of the one used in the late 60's on some muscle cars equipped with a factory Hurst shifter. com Welcome to Classic Oldsmobile forum, You are currently viewing our forum as a guest, which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other This is my Hurst Competition Plus shifter in pieces. These performance Mustang shifters are manufactured from top brands such as SVE, Hurst, Pro 5-0, Steeda, B&M, UPR, Barton and Ford Racing. The short throw isn't very comfortable and the hurst knob is huge. The shift stick is welded chrome, about 11 inch, with a white ball on it. The rattling is very annoying but doesn't seems to be hurting anything. You have to shorten the driveshaft; of course, you also have to change the clutch disc and driveshaft yoke. We provide a variety of Mopar Hurst Shifter for your vehicle needs. will they help with the "mush" i feel in downshifting from 4th to 3rd? Trannie and Hurst Stick. I went from my old Competition Plus to a rebuild Ford, and the Ford made the Hurst look like a POS. 1 1/4" high by 5 1/4" long. They have a reverse lockout, as required by NHRA. If you don’t want a “Vintage” appearance and “Custom” is more your thing, for the Beetle, Super Beetle, THING, and Karmann Ghia you can choose from the Vintage Speed Black Mamba Sport Shifter for 4-speed, or the Black Mamba 4-Speed with a CNC Base. With the Competition Plus mount and rods using a 72 Chevelle offset shifter body you might get by with a small hole up top and some massaging from underneath with a hammer for tunnel clearance. My hurst competition plus tube measures in at a pinch over 5/8" OD (. Hurst 4 . hurst super shifter vs competition plus